"I am a freelance translator English to Polish providing fast and high quality translation services to individuals, businesses and government agencies. The service I provide is confidential and rates are reasonably priced and negotiable."



  • Chemistry, ceramics, material engineering, general technical fields; 
  • Business, commerce, medicine, general translation; 
  • Articles, conference papers, lectures, MA's, PhD's; 
  • MSDS, catalogues; 
  • Birth and death notices obituaries, certificates, documents; 
  • News articles, voice over scripts for TV, videos plays, novels, magazine articles, children books, epitaphs, greeting cards, and editorials.
  • Private documents.

Translation Services

  • Documents translation; 
  • Proof-reading and editing; 
  • Translation from audio/video tape; and 
  • Websites’ translation, chat room instructions, message boards and message board instructions. 

Sample Client List

  • SBS Language Services, Sydney, Australia
  • Wine producers: Taylors of Clare Valley, Australia
  • Alzheimer's Poetry Project, Brooklyn, NY 11215, USA 
  • Zara Law Offices, New York, USA 
  • KHOITC, Atlanta, USA 
  • SYNCHEM Laborgemeinschaft OHG, Kassel, Germany 
  • Elite Translations, Taipei, Taiwan 
  • Holliday Dispersion LTD, UK 

Degrees and Qualifications Awarded

NAATI Accreditation (No 35247)

AUSiT Accreditation

PhD, St. Staszic University of Mining and Metallurgy, Krakow, Poland.

MSc (Chemistry - Special Materials), St. Staszic University of Mining and Metallurgy, Krakow, Poland - MSc Thesis.


 From 1999 until today: 
  • Freelance translator (English - Polish) 
Before 1999 I worked in the following Institutions: 
  • Deakin University Fellowship, School of Biological & Chemical Sciences, Deakin University (Geelong campus), Victoria, Australia 
  • Researcher at St. Staszic University of Mining & Metallurgy in Krakow, Poland 
  • Chemistry Demonstrator, Department of Chemistry, Deakin University (Geelong campus), Victoria, Australia 
  • Research Assistant, Department of Chemistry, University College, The University of New South Wales (Australian Defence Force Academy ADFA), Canberra, Australia 
  • Polish Language Teacher, Polish School, Canberra, Australia 
  • Chemistry Demonstrator, Department of Chemistry, University College, The University of New South Wales (ADFA), Canberra, Australia 
  • Lecturer/Laboratory Leader, Institute of Electroenergy, St. Staszic University of Mining and Metallurgy, Krakow, Poland 
  • Research Engineer, Research Institute for the Electrotechnical Porcelain, Boguchwala, Poland


Accredited by NAATI (National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters in Australia) and a associate of AUSIT (The Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators) I am bound by both organizations' Code of Ethics.

I have a strong academic background in science (PhD in Chemistry and Material Engineering, 20 years’ experience at Polish and Australian universities). However my interest is general and very broad. My engineering qualifications have been recognized by the Australian Institute of Engineers and I am the author of scientific papers in English and Polish, published in international refereed scientific journals. Abstracts of my some research work can be found on the Internet. I have been actively involved in helping people to cross the language barriers throughout my life. As an academic I have been involved in translating Polish and Russian scientific papers into English and English papers into Polish. In 1999 I started to work full time as a freelance translator. Fluent in both languages I specialize in translating from English into Polish. I have been living and working in Australia now but I regularly visit Poland, where I was born and educated. 

My childhood, education, employment and annual visits to Poland have provided me with an excellent knowledge of the Polish language, culture and colloquialisms. Living and working in multi-cultural Australia has given me the opportunity to perfect my English and be immersed in an English-language culture. My life experiences in both countries are important in translations where every word matters. 

Example Translations

Please feel free to view the following short examples of my translation work:

Technical / Scientific

General Business

Art / Literature